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The British Transplantation Society (the BTS) is the professional voice of transplantation in the UK, representing all the varied disciplines in transplantation including clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, scientists involved both in basic research and in histocompatibility laboratories, ethicists and other professions allied to medicine.

The BTS was formed in 1972 and its membership is open to all professionals working in the field of transplantation. It hosts an annual congress for its members, and also runs a variety of meetings throughout the year including an annual ethics conference, live donation conference, and training workshops.

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Blood stem cell transplantation is more effective than existing drugs in suppressing severe Multiple Sclerosis
High dose chemotherapy and transplantation of patients' own blood stem cells may be more effective than standard treatment with the approved drug Mitoxantrone in severe affected patients with...

Next-of-kin consent is key to increasing donation rates, Australia
Australia's processes for identifying potential organ donors in hospitals is working well, but low next-of-kin consent rates continue to impede higher donation rates, according to research...

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Despite saving thousands of lives yearly, nearly half of organ transplant surgeons report a low sense of personal accomplishment and 40% feel emotionally exhausted, according to a national study on...